Mechanical Testing

We perform and coordinate activities for mechanical tests in static and dynamic conditions. Optimizing the tests according to the reference standards and specific needs.

The testing activities is a very important step in order to ensure conformity of the product to the requirements of the project: the tests provide objective evidence for design validation and for the attestation of conformity.

Testing activities are essential for:

- Research and development of new materials / components

- Control of raw materials

- Failure analysis

- Revenue data for structural analysis and design activities

Mechanical characterization of materials, Safety, Reliability and functionality are among the distinguishing features of the product, that you can fully appreciate only through specific tests. All tests are performed according to ISO 17025. TS Quality & Engineering is specialized in creating and customizing the test set-up, has specific experience of testing on special materials and phenomena such as fretting, corrosion, fatigue, abrasive and adhesive wear etc In particular, performs and coordinates the activities necessary for:

  • Static tests: tensile strengths and elastic modulus (tensile, compression, bending), yield strength and elongation
  • Dynamic tests: limit fatigue lifetime
  • Design and development of test set-up custom
  • Realizations of Experimental set-up test in special environments thermostated, in solution (saline), with the load control from a few grams. up to hundreds of kN.
  • Tests and functional tests on finished products
  • Testing of environmental conditioning
  • Geometric and dimensional characterization of mechanical components
  • Metallurgical testing and analysis
  • Mechanical tests, static and dynamic
  • Analysis of problems (failure analysis)

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